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A Bit About Us

At EllisDon, we?ve realized that our great strength is our unique way of thinking. Our core values of trust, accountability and openness have given rise to systems that can tackle just about any construction challenge.
Our clients and subcontractors have always been able to benefit from and take advantage of our knowledge and experience across all of our services and divisions. This is because we don?t operate in silos. Instead, on every project all of our experts come together to look at projects as a whole. And now we?re making our systems, our expertise and our people available to the global construction community through EllisDon Services.
Our clients have enormous risks. When we take on a project, we know our clients are putting themselves on the line. We embrace, and ultimately reduce, risk. It?s why we ask so many questions, and why we can offer so many different services.
Having a suite of services is about customization and understanding the unique challenges that each one of our clients brings to the table. But truthfully, being able to offer more than one service isn?t new. Being able to bring such varied talent and experience to the table when it?s needed is what?s new, and what?s different about EllisDon. And we?re able to do this because of the way we think and the people we employ.
So while we still offer all of the established construction delivery methods we also have experts in Engineering, Research & Development and Quality Assurance; Building Information Modeling; Equity; Facility Management; Information and Communication Technology; Project Management; Sustainable Building; and a host of other services.  And while we see our suite of interrelated services as perfect complements to each other, you choose the level of involvement our team will have, depending on what solution makes sense for your project. The end result is the same; one simple solution.
So, what if you used EllisDon to lead your next project?
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