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A Bit About Us

Cecchini Group Inc. is a third generation firm offering a full range of design/build developments and general contracting services to the commercial and industrial field.  Headquartered in Concord, Ontario, the company was recently founded by Mr. Joey Cecchini in 2011.  Its roots, however, go back much further.  


   The Cecchini Group is a relatively new company in the construction industry, but the Team has over 75 years of construction experience.  Joey Cecchini was a co-founder of Jovien Associates Ltd.; the construction arm of the 3 billion dollar Canadian based company, The Royal Group Technologies Corporation.  There, he spent more than 25 years serving the Royal Group Empire by facilitating its rapid growth on a global basis and helped it become the largest plastic extrusion company in the world.  During its most dynamic expansion cycle, Mr. Cecchini and his staff managed the construction of over 14 million square feet of industrial, commercial, processing plants and distribution centres that also included 3 million square feet of illustrious corporate offices, hotels, casinos, country clubs and golf courses.


    Joey Cecchini later founded JMC Building Developments Ltd., with the intentions of delivering the company?s construction expertise to the open business market with his sons and partners.  For 10 years, JMC quickly expanded into one of the top commercial and retail constructors in Ontario.


   Today, Mr. Cecchini and his sons have ultimately realized their aspiration of forming a new and influential company comprised of an elite group of employees.  Cecchini Group Inc. is a company founded with our bold vision that incorporates refreshing new business concepts and an unwavering desire to achieve greatness at all levels.  Our achievements are tied to the strength of our executive leadership and the stability of our workforce.  We pride ourselves on paying attention to details and providing service beyond our client?s expectations.

200 Edgeley Blvd. Unit 27, Concord ON, L4L-3Y8 905-738-4800 905-738-4830
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