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A Bit About Us

Cambria Design Build was founded in 1995 as a general contracting and project management firm. Starting out as a small company of highly skilled people, Cambria has grown into a very reputable company with over 50 employees capable of servicing the small, medium, and large commercial build sectors. We have built a reputation of high quality work for our clients while maintaining a competitive edge on costs. We provide Total Turn-Key, Project Management and Design Build Construction services, ranging from complete new build construction, franchise roll-outs, to re-imaging and renovations with competitive pricing, within budget and on time.

 From humble beginnings we have grown to become the trusted contractor of choice for our valued clients.  As we have grown, we have never lost site of the core values that have allowed us to succeed:

Some insight into "The Way We Think"

A large portion of our success today is based on the exceptional work of our outstanding staff members and superior subcontractor construction partners.

At Cambria Design Build our proven methods of success include a solid working foundation with our core groups of subcontractors and suppliers. That relationship ensures that we all continue to be best that we can be.  This includes building a fair, objective working environment that is a rewarding and satisfying experience for all of us. This process is vastly important to all of us and also requires constant evolution.

At Cambria Design Build, we realize that our strength lies in how we think as individuals which ultimately becomes our team strength.  Accountability and openness have offered us many opportunities to be a part of unique and challenging projects.

Our clients, staff and subcontractors have also been able to benefit from our knowledge and experience over the many years of success that we have been afforded.  We understand that no project is ever precisely identical.  As a result, no matter what the scale or scope of the project, it is here that our qualified team comes together to manage collaboratively on each and every project as One Team.

Our expertise in how we do what we do in combination with the people who do it allows us to offer our services and our experience as solid and reputable in the construction community.  When we take on a project, we recognize our clients are putting themselves on the line. We understand and appreciate that our clients do have risks and our goal is to reduce these risks along the way whenever possible.

Having access to many diversified resources allows us to customize a specific project and understand the often unique challenges that our clients may bring to the table.  Managing and understanding these unique projects may not be new, however our ability to bring broad and varied resources into the project when required is part of where we excel.

Together with our ability to remain flexible and focused when faced with the challenges of changes to scope, budget and schedule is another area where we consider ourselves to be a step ahead.  We?re able to do this because of the "the Way We Think" and the relationships we build along the way with our exceptional Team. We believe that it?s our commitment to quality, listening to our clients? needs and our overall services that will create the successful end result.


" Construction is our business.... Exceptional Service is what we do....Exceeding Your expectations is our goal!"
1250 Journey¯s End Circle, Unit #1, Newmarket ON, L3Y-0B9 1(905)830-6026 1(905)830-6027

Some Projects Being Managed or Tendered

  • 1987 - Tottenham Mall Renovations - Tottenham, ON
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