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A Bit About Us

ABC Construction is a trusted leader in construction management since 1995. We specialize in commercial and industrial design build projects and are happy to make your vision a reality...


At ABC our construction teams apply the discipline of full project management fundamentals, whether it is for multi-million dollar jobs handled by our dedicated large project teams, or small quick turnaround projects delivered by our specialized small project teams. This ensures total performance across all four constraints - budget, schedule, quality, and health and safety. As part of the process, we provide comprehensive written communication and up-to-date documentation for the client?s permanent records.


Our methodology ensures each project is delivered to meet client objectives and maximize return on investment. Woodrow Wilson wrote, ?I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.? At ABC we create a team environment that allows us to draw on both internal expertise, as well as the wisdom and experience of consultants, trades and clients. This results in proper problem definition and, ultimately, the most ideal solution. Build it right the first time.


577 Edgeley Blvd., Concord ON, L4K-4B2 877-493-8260 800-610-2318
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